Highly Personal Attention and Approach

ESSA provides a personal approach to executive search and we believe this is one of our greatest strengths. Unlike other recruiting firms; experienced senior partners are involved in every aspect of your search, not just the sales process. We place special attention to the representation of your company to candidates and remain involved throughout the process. Candidates are carefully screened prior to being presented for your review and have clear understanding of the position and details of your company.

True Understanding of Culture and Market

Our partners are all veterans with extensive industry and recruitment experiences. We have the true understanding of cultural differences that need to be bridged between international companies and local operations in Asia and understand what is necessary to find people with similar qualifications.

No Territorial Limitations

Unlike many larger executive search firms, ESSA has no territorial limitations. Therefore we are not restricted by defined sales and search territories and can carry out your search in any location in Asia. We are able to deliver exceptional value to our clients because of our extensive experience in the emerging markets of the Asia Pacific region.

Moving Forward With Our Clients

ESSA is committed to establishing long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates.

Our Philosophy

Client Interest First

At ESSA we always place clients interest first. We strive to always recruit and place the best people for the job. We thoroughly investigate the candidates background, experience and fit for your company to assure the placement is long term and successful.

Delivery of Quality

For everyone in ESSA, our work is always focused on quality and adding value at every stage of the recruitment process. We take no shortcuts in the recruitment process that could compromise your goals in hiring the best people for your company. We see ourselves as building a business - rather than doing a job - and this distinguishes not only our approach, but also the unrivalled level of success that we consistently achieve.

Placement of the Right Individuals

We know that recruitment can have more impact on an organization's success - and on an individual's career - than any other business decision. We are entirely focused on finding the right person for the right opportunity. We search out the best candidates for presentation to your management team and carefully screen these individuals to make sure they fit into your organization.